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Stan IvasyukHi my name is Stan Ivasyuk, I am 37. Began making photos at the age of 9. My job is software development, photography is my hobby (sometimes - a kind of "citizen journalism", sometimes - glamour or just street scenes).

Having started by photographying parents, I was always interested in finding more interesting scenes and subjects than my mom and pop.

Then I came to books on photography and pictorial art, trying to find the basic principles of the picture design to make my photos better.

I've always loved Black and While photography. I see it as the more democratic form of photographic art with color photography following behind. Moreover, the B&W pictures always turn your imagination on so you may think up your own picture, with the colors you like, in your head, using subjects displayed in the B&W picture. Although in 2007 I began shooting in color.

Today I am pleased to present you the photos I've taken as adult, knowing what I am doing and why. During a year I take around 3-5 new pictures of subjects I would like to show to my visitors and which interest me.

I don't make usual portraits, I always try to show the emotions, scenes from life, or morality by photographying people caught in different situations. I also don't try to make funny pictures except in cases when that fun brings up an internal sense to the spectator. And, of course, I do not contract as a photographer - my main profession which I love - programming - lets me photograph what I consider interesting to me and valuable for people.

The last project I have accomplished in the beginning of 2011 is the sound album of 5 tracks - the songs from the "Great American Songbook" recorded with a local brass band of 17 persons. I am not a professional singer at all, but I did the best I could.

It's tough to be just a programmer so for my head did not get a shape of a computer monitor, I just need to do something more than just being a computer geek.

Well, enjoy! Let me know if you have any thoughts that may benefit my practice.

Camera: Canon 300X. Lens: Canon EF 50mm/1.8. Film: Kodak 400 BW, Fuji Extra 400. Filter: Yellow-Orange 040 B+W.

Stan Ivasyuk

P.S. I am grateful to Satyakam Misra from for the design and Babette Costa from for one important advice.

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